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Artist Qty Title Price

Flagmo-T   4 AM in another world   Dkr. 150,00
Kryptonism Dkr. 100,00

Jesper Nissen Relations Dkr. 130,00

Phiborgs Phiborgs Dkr. 140,00

Searching Bother Dkr. 40,00
For a while Dkr. 40,00

Add this handling fee to each order Dkr. 25,00

Total amount Dkr.

Method of payment:   Send check in advance
 Giro card (only in Denmark)

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How to order!

We unfortunately have no way of accepting credit cards, but you can pay in the following two ways (depending on your location).

1: By sending a check in advance
2: By postal giro-card (only for orders inside Denmark!)

For both methods of payment, you must fill out the form above. Specify how many copies you want of any disc, fill out the entire address section, and send it to Searching Production.

1: Check in advance
In case you want to pay by sending a check in advance to Searching Production, we will inform you of the total amount, along with the address where you should send your check. When the check is received by Searching Production, the discs will be shipped.

2: Postal giro-card
If you live inside Denmark, and want to pay by giro-card, you only have to confirm your order via email. When processing your order, we will send an email to you, telling you the total amount in Danish kr., and ask you to confirm your order.
To confirm the order, you simply send our email back to us!
We will then ship your discs, along with a giro-payment-card to be paid in banks or postoffices.

Remember, we will send you an email, so be sure to enter your correct email address!

We thank you for your order.

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